Electric stimulation, otherwise known as electrotherapy, uses light electrical current directly to the area that are under muscular stress. Electric stimulation works by mimicking the natural way by which the body exercises its muscles. The electrodes attached to the skin deliver impulses that make the skeletal muscles contract. This improves the circulation around the area of pain, reduces inflammation, and provides instant pain relief. Therapists place the patient is in this relaxed state for ten minutes, beginning the therapy with a low setting and increase the frequency until the patient has reached their comfort level with the electrodes. 


Ultrasound therapy is used to minimize muscle pain and movement dysfunction.  Therapeutic ultrasound uses sound waves to deliver thermal effects increasing circulation, reducing stiffness and swelling, and increasing flexibility of tendon and joint capsules. Ultrasonography is applied topically to soft tissue, forming a micro-massage. Ultrasound gel is used topically as a type of conductive medium that enables a tight bond between the skin and the probe or transducer, letting the waves transmit directly to the tissues beneath as waves due not travel well through air.  Ultrasound therapy may be used alone or in conjunction with stretching, therapeutic massage, heat, or gentle chiropractic manipulation. Ultrasound therapy is a painless procedure, and many people find it relaxing.